The real Truthiness

My truthiness:
A) I speak four languages fluently - this is not true. I speak two languaged fluently (Finnish and English), one language rather well (Swedish) and one really, really poorly (French).

B) I'm very remotely related to both the Danish and the Swedish royal families - this is true. I am very remotely related to both royal families, but we're talking about something around the 18th century. So my claim to the throne is really rather slim!

C) I've had a pet hamster named Mimi - nope, I've never had any furry pets due to allergies, only fish, and even they ate each other, since I forgot to feed them...

D) My favourite book in the whole wide world is Charles Dickens's Great Expectations - No way, I hated that book! Can't help it, but Dickens just isn't my cup of tea!

E) I love skiing - Nope, and unfortunately skiing is a mandatory part of the Finnish currilicum for sports. But the last time I skied was back in Junior High, and boy was it blood and tears!

F) I think that cleanliness is next to godliness - No, I think that as long as the place is sanitary, a little mess never hurt anyone. I live in perpetual chaos, since cleaning up is not amongst my favourite things to do, but my apartment is not dirty. Just messy.

G) I've once slept through an earthquake - This is true. When I lived in Belgium I once slept through a minor earthquake. It was minor, but it managed to make a small crack into the wall, and it woke the rest of the family up. I probably just switched sides and wondered when I'd gotten a vibrating bed... ;o)

So there, those are the truths and lies!