Shopping in Warsaw

I spent last weekend with my sister in Warsaw, and it was awesome! It's a beautiful, beautiful city, a little run down and ruged, but I think that just added to its charms. You could see the history, the damage the war and communism had done to the city, but still it wasn't depressing or falling down.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best during our stay, so we spent most of our time shopping in Zlote Tarasy shopping center www.zlotetarasy.pl/en, and we had a lot of fun! It's a modern, beautiful shopping mall, with an easy to get around floor plan.

Our initial idea was to shop for luxury make-up (M.A.C., Dior, Chanel), but as it turns out, they're cheaper in Finland than they are in Poland! Who knew? I mean, they're really expensive in Finland, but even more so in Poland!

So, it was a bit of a let down, but fortunately we decided to check out Inglot www.inglotcosmetics.com, thinking that it being a Polish brand, they might be cheaper there, and so they were! A 5 pan freedom palette* cost about 15€, in Finland you'd pay for it about 28€. So, we went a bit nuts... I bought two 5 pan palettes (sure I could have bought a 10 pan palette, but I like the 5 pan ones better), two gel eyeliners, one nail polish, one lip gloss and one loose eyeshadow. All these together were about 60€, which in Finland would have got me just the palettes.

*In case you don't know what a freedom palette is, it's this genious system, where you can pick out any eye shadow, lip colour, concealer, blush, face powder or eyebrow wax and combine them into a palette. So you get to choose the perfect colours for you! I absolutely love these, I have now four palettes with eye shadows, and they're awesome! Highly pigmented and I'd claim they're really close to M.A.C. in their quality!

So to all who are thinking about going to Warsaw, I can warmly recomend it! It's a beautiful city with cheap taxi's, hotels and restaurants. Our stay at Sheraton Hotel (five stars) was around 250€ for three nights per room, the taxi from airport was 50PLN, so around 15€ and from our hotel to the shopping center about 10PLN, so around 3€...

Oh, by the way, it is advisable to make sure before you get into a taxi that it is a safe one, they have different companies, and some may screw you over, or so we were told. The ones we used were Ele, Sawa Taxi, MPT Radio Taxi and Merc Taxi.

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  1. Thanks for the Warsaw travel tips;o) I will keep it in mind for my upcoming possible travels...