Craving Chocolate...

It's funny, as long as I'm relaxed and happy, I have no actual need for chocolate. Would I like some? Sure! Do I need it? No.

But when ever things start going a bit sour, I feel the need rising. Like last night, I was really tired and angry at myself for not realising how much (or little) money I have left to spend. So I sat on my sofa, wondering how bad it would really be, if I opened that box of chocolates my friend gave me as a Valentine's Day gift...

I resisted the temptation, thankfully, but it came close. And I think that's the real problem for most of us: Food gives us comfort!

Now the thing with me is that I'm always processing something, always trying to analyse the situation, my situation, my friends situations, etc. My brain just keeps on going, and it gets tireing. I don't want to think all the time, I just want to be and relax, but my brain won't let me. So I found a way to shut up my brain: eating.

When I eat, I go into almost a meditative state. My mind goes blank and the only thing that matters is the taste sensation in my mouth. And that's why I eat. I think that's partially why this Low Carb thing works for me: I get to eat as much as I want, as long as it's low carb! I don't have to stop before I'm ready!

I still feel that the ultimate comfort food for me would be chocolate. I still want it, I just know I don't have to have it. That I can survive and have a happy life even if I don't get a daily dosage of it.

Having said that, I'm never gonna give up chocolate completely. I love it, but I've learned to have just a little of it every now and again, not a whole 500g box of it in one sitting.

* * *


  1. And good lord how difficult it is to resist the lure of chocolate! I was restless as well another night and felt that I MUST EAT. Happily I found grapes in the fridge and it did the trick for me. By the way I noticed that I have this urge to say to my little one if she pumps her head or something like that that "what if mummy would give you a cookie, would that make you feel better" I wonder, wonder...

  2. It is so indeed, we inherit this urge to comfort ourselves and others with food... But the good thing is that you've realised that, so you can try not to pass it down! :o)