It's absolutely fabulous! I got the BEST reward ever today! Today's my birthday party (although the actual birthday is tomorrow), and I fit into my skinny jeans! Sure in my case skinny jeans is EU 50 (US 20), but I don't care! I haven't been able to use these for something like 8 months, but now I'm back in them! Loving it! Tonight is gonna ROCK! :o)

So I'm getting ready for my party tonight. I've bought a lot of low carb food to snack on like nuts, veggies, guacamole etc. I've also bought stuff that is mainly for my friends, not me, the four evil C-words: crisps, cookies, candy and cake. But I'm pretty confident I'll stay reasonable, although tonight is my freebie-day, meaning I can eat what ever I want!

I love my make-up for tonight, I did a version of the Helena Bonham Carter inspired make-up I showed you guys earlier, but glammed it up with some really cool eyeliner and glittery false lashes! I'll post some pictures of it later on!

Okay, I gotto run now, need to do some preparations for tonight! Wish me luck! :o)

* * *

Oh, here's the super-cool cardigan my Mom knitted for me as a birthday present! I love it! Oh, and note the SKINNY JEANS! ;o)

* * *


  1. I <3 that cardingan, and what a color! Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Fantastic cardigan! Also - yay for getting into your skinny jeans! That's an awesome birthday present;o)

    Now I think you need to pick something else as your next "skinny jeans" to shoot for - maybe that dress you want to wear for that wedding in the summer?

    I am so glad that this is working so well for you! You found the diet (meaning what you are eating not a weight loss plan) that works for you - and that is a huge thing. Keep on going and I will see you in October!

  3. Thanks for the well-wishes! I feel motivated and positive about the future! My brothers 40th birthday is coming round in a couple of months, and I'm already trying to plan what to wear there... Something gorgeous, I think! ;o)