Week 3 on Low Carb Diet!

Okay, so another loss of 1,5 kg's (3,3 lbs) on Sunday! I'm so happy, although I know that this week won't be so great, as I will be punished for my freebie day. But I don't care! It was my birthday, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the food and especially the carbs! ;o)

That's what I think is most important about a freebie day: you can't feel guilty about it. I had lots of stuff I shouldn't, but I also kept my head cool, I didn't go over board with the food! And how could I regret it, the cake was AMAZING! ;o)

The most important thing was that on Sunday, when I woke up with a hang-over, I took a bin bag and walked around my apartment throwing away all the high-carb goodness that was left over. Except for the chocolate. I just couldn't throw a practically full box of After Eights into the bin! So I took them to work for my work mates to enjoy. I know, its a bit risky to have them in the same room with me, but I just couldn't throw them away! I guess this'll just show me if I can make it!

So since I did have a freebie day, my goal for this week is to maintain the weight I lost last week or to lose up to 0,5 kg's (~1 lbs). So my expectations are not that high this week, since I tend to get depressed when my expectations are not met.

So I had my birthday last Saturday, and it was a whole lotta fun! My apartment was filled to the rim with my friends and family, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and I got some really cool gifts! What more can a girl ask for? Well, a lot, but I'm very pleased with what I got. :o)

* * *


  1. Hello darrling!
    Now that i've been filling out my kiloklubi for long time i've discovered how _very much annoying_ it is. Not that the application is bad or anything, but itself remembering of all the garbage i've been eating lately is so difficult. For instance all food that you make yourself if so hard to get right, like stews and risottos. I wish that they would make me a button where it would say "ate a lot, was fun" and an estimation of the calories :-)

  2. That would be a fabulous! :o)