Alli, My Ally...

I started using these new weightloss pills called Alli about a month ago after my doctor suggested I'd try them. At first I had a prescribtion for another stronger (and more expensive) brand, but after those ran out, I switched to Alli.

Now to those of you who don't know what Alli is, it's a drug that prevents 25% of the fat you eat from absorbing, thus you get less calories and you lose weight. It doesn't affect your psyche or your cravings in any way.

All you have to do is eat like you'd normally eat on a diet and then take 1-3 pills per day with your meals. If you eat something high-fat (like a pizza or a hamburger) you'll get cramps and diarrhea. I once had a rather greasy wok, and the next night I had horrible cramps. It's not unbareble, but it's no fun either, so I learned my lesson and I'm eating right now.

What I find is the greatest upside of Alli is that it makes me work harder. Somehow the idea that I'm eating these pills makes me want to make sure that it also pays off. I guess I just want to make sure I get my money's worth.

I use Alli as a bonus, but the main thing I do is keep a food diary online. I found a website http://www.kiloklubi.fi/ (its in finnish), where I enter everything I eat and it tells me how well I'm doing.

I find keeping a food diary is important but very, very boring, so to keep me at it, I have a reward system: if I keep a food diary every day for 4 weeks, I get a present! Last time I bought two MAC eyeshaddows. Bribary, works everytime! ;o)

* * *

So to give you an idea about how I do this, I thought I'd show you what I ate yesterday.

Two slices of whole grain bread, two slices of ham, one table spoon of margarine (321 kcal) +Alli

Tunasalad and two slices of rye bread, one table spoon of margarine (549 kcal) +Alli

A cookie (24 kcal)

Fiesta salad at McDonald's (770 kcal) +Alli

Evening snack:
Two slices of rye bread, two slices of ham, one table spoon of margarine (312 kcal)

Total of 1976 kcal (recomended amount would have been 1958 kcal, so close enough!)

* * *
I don't normally eat so many salads, just happened to last night... But this is how I roll, and it has been going pretty great for now! Hope it will keep on going as well!

BTW, I calculated that before Christmas I lost 2,5kg's in 7 weeks. Since I started using Alli I lost 2,5kg's in 4 weeks. So it does work, at least for me.

* * *

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