Yesterday was my Freebie day! It means that once every four weeks I have a day when I don't have to do my food diary. It means that once every four weeks I can go nuts! I know it sounds silly for a person on a diet to have that, but when my goal is to lose about 32 kg's more, it makes sense that I need to have some days off as well. I can't make my life solely about losing weight.

Now when I say I can go nuts, it doesn't mean I eat like I used to. It just means that I can have what I want, but always there's this little thought in my brain asking me is this really what I want?

On this Freebie day I had lots of stuff I wouldn't normally have. Like chocolate, a doughnut, cupcakes, some pizza etc... I didn't have as much of them as I would have in the old days. And what's more important, I won't be having them today. I think it's okay to let loose every now and again, just as long as you make sure you stop the next day.

So today I had a breakfast of two slices of rye bread, ham and butter with coffee. My lunch was tuna salad, my snack will be a banana with some hot chocolate and for dinner I'm gonna have a chicken salad.

My cycle of keeping the food diary is now on it's fourth week (all and all it's the 12th week), wich means that on Sunday I can go and buy something nice for me. I'm thinking of MAC's paintpot in artifact, or blackground. Don't know which one yet, but that's the fun part, planning and thinking about ways to reward myself! :o)

* * *


  1. Lovely blog. Nothing wrong with giving yourself rewards and treats. You may find that food rewards interest you less over time, and other kinds of rewards, like a massage, a new outfit,or a new travel adventure seems more appealing. I'll be routing for you!


  2. Thanks, it's always nice to hear that others also feel it's okay to let loose every now and again! :o)