You wanna play rough, I'll play rough!

Okay, so it's been a week since my first date with Jim, and he still hasn't mentioned a second date. We've been e-mailing daily, but no mention has there been about a second date. Well, except for that weak moment of mine, that made me ask him out... And him replying "that might be cool"... Pathetic, I know!

So I'm taking the control back. He wrote to me a simple one line note today, and I'm not gonna reply to that one. Nope, no way! If he wants to see me, he has to do something about it! So, from now on I'm the bloody Ice Queen. No more Miss Nice Girl, from now on he has to work.

I'd love it if equality of the sexes actually worked in the dating arena. I hate having to resort to these kinds of tactics, but I guess I have no other possibility...

* * *

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