Goals For This Summer

I need to look hot by summer. Why? Because this summer a very close friend of mine is getting married, and in that wedding party will be my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend, who also happened to be my friend back in the day.

I'll explain this as briefly as I can:

As I mentioned before, when I dumped my boyfriend back in 2006, I had noticed that there was something between him and my friend. To make this simpler, lets call them John and Lisa. So, Lisa was one of my closest friends, and I confided into her about how troubled my relationship with John was. Lisa kept telling me to dump him, and although the advise was sound, I can't help but think it had an ulterior motive. Well, duh...

So about a month after I dumped John, he asked Lisa out. Now they're living together.

I tried my best to stay friends with both of them, but found it impossible, as I didn't trust Lisa anymore. And I'm a firm believer in that without trust there can be no friendship.

Now Lisa has always been very competative, unlike me, but her need to show me how much better she's doing is making me rather vindictive. I know, I know, turn the other cheek, but frankly, I've got no more cheeks left to turn. I've used all four.

* * *

So as shallow and silly as it sounds, I have to look fabulous for this wedding, and I have to find a boyfriend by then. I think the first goal is easier to achieve than the latter one...

So, to the goals:

1) I want to fit into a size 46 EU (thats 18 UK or 16 US) by then.
2) In order for that to happen, I need to lose about 15-20 kg's, which would mean about 0,5-0,8kg's per week. Now that will be rough, as I've noticed that my body really is anti-losing weight, but it's still within my range of possibilities.
3) I want to find a boyfriend. Or rather, I want to find a soulmate. I know, setting my sights a little too high again, but hey, that's me!

* * *

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