First weigh-in after starting Low Carb diet!

Okay, so I've lost 1,5 kg (3,3 lbs) in 5 days! I'm so excited! I'm trying to keep my head cool though, so that when the weight loss starts to wain down, I won't be too bitterly disappointed!

So I got Artifact and Blackground paint pots, and I'm really happy with them! I bought them because I wanted to try out this look by Pixiwoo from YouTube, unfortunately I forgot that she used Quite Natural instead of Artifact. But it still came out really cool, so I really don't mind! And I've got a great excuse to buy another paint pot... ;o)

Here's the tutorial I used:

And here's my rendition of it:

Today my Mom's coming over, and I promised to tell her about this LC diet as well, she wants to try it out. In her case she'll have other challenges though, since she has celiac disease, which prevents her from using the normal wheat based products anyway.

* * *


  1. woohoo! Awesome loss! And the makeup looks fabulous;o) Good going on the low carb effort, hope it keeps going well. I am sure that you will keep going down in weight and will hit your goal by summer for sure.

  2. wow, you're making some serious progress there weight wise and the make up looked awesome too!

  3. Thanks! It feels awesome, and I can't wait to see how this goes on! :o)