Thinking About Carbs...

As I mentioned before, I've been living my new healthy lifestyle for 3,5 years now, and I've been stuck on this weight for about a year. Lately I've been losing some weight thanks to the Alli-product, but it's still been a slow process. So when a friend of mine called and told me that she had lost 2,5kg's in one week on a low carb diet, I must admit I was intrigued.

I did a little research today, and as far as I can tell, the most important thing is to lose white flour, white sugar and starch from your diet. Now since I already it mostly rye bread with at least 6% of fibre and I hardly ever eat anything sweet, I think this might be doable for me. The only problem is pasta. I love pasta. Don't even need a lot of sauce on it, just give me a bowl of pasta with a little tomato sauce on it, and I'll be happy as Larry! ;o)

The thing is that carbs are in just about everything. For instance I had a plan that I'd start eating quark every morning, thinking it was high in protein and low in carbs. Well that's true with the unsweetened stuff, which now man alive would eat just as it is. Sure I could put some berries in it, but there's no way they'd sweeten that up enough for me to enjoy it.

I don't know, I'm curious about this, but still a bit hesitant. Anyone have great experiences with low carb diet? Should I just go for it?

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  1. Yes we should. I can give up pasta as well. :O)


  2. Thanks, I guess I'll just go for it! :o)

  3. try whole wheat pasta - it does taste a little different, but it will take care of that craving. Also spaghetti squash is good to if you are looking for a spaghetti substitute.